IglooSpirit Is a studio dedicated to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Founded by three enthusiasts of Virtual and Augmented Reality, we design and manufacture 360 ° immersive and interactive experiences, web-RV films and augmented reality applications.
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Immersion and interactions

Enhanced immersion thanks to the natural interactions triggered by an overview glance and the addition of programmed elements in Artificial Intelligence to create a living world

Asymmetric gameplay

Games / stories with asymmetric computer / headset, multiplayer gameplay, some network viewers play from a computer screen and compete or help (depending on the gameplay) another that is in the virtual universe from the headset.

These stories / games allow to develop universes where the spectator player does not confront characters programmed in artificial intelligence, but humans, which makes the game much more dynamic and thrilling

Medical training

Complete training system for surgeons

Follow-up of exercises, cetification and variety of situations are proposed by the Lapstick system

Autonomous work supervised by an artificial intelligence that automatically evaluates the performance of acts

More infrmation on the dedicated website Lapstick.io

Augmented reality

Augmented reality opens a door to a new world, superimposed on what you have before you.

Enjoy new and enriched experiences through a new screen, specialized glasses or devices still to be invented!

The world is rich, but it can be richer still.

Our project

  • Create a unique experience with our elastic film concept that adapts to the behavior of your audience.
  • Discover a new way of telling stories
  • Immerse yourself at the point of interest center
  • We can accompany you from conception to postproduction.
  • We are ready to meet your challenges

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