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Fabienne Giezendanner

I am a screenwriter, producer, director of animated films and a specialist in multi-layered writing.

Nain Géant, an animated short I have written and produced has been awarded prizes at major international festivals (Berlin 2014 in particular)

William Schlegel

I am a computer science engineer and multi-entrepreneur

  • conrete equipement
  • ws conseil
  • gamific.tv
  • skrnz
  • stimshop
  • cedre participations

in the field of industry or media, and also business angel investor.

Thierry Henkinet
Directeur Business Development

I have evolved in the field of cinema and technology all my career, I am now CEO of Volfoni, one of the major actors of 3D cinema.

Based in Hong Kong, I know the Asian market perfectly

Aurélien Jolly
Développeur Unity

Passionate about video games and technology since very young, I studied programming in EPITECH. During my free time, through internships or Game Jam, I use my developer skills to create video games on Unity.

I also try to do Game Design and learn as much as possible to improve myself in this area. I like to create and exchange ideas with others

Thibault Duval
Développeur Unity

Engineer EPITECH, I am a passionate of programming and video games.

I also love the novels (Adventure-Fantasy), the mangas, the animated films and the animes

Fangyuan Zhao
Développeur VR/AR

Young Chinese student, I have many interests in life outside of programming:

  • Chair and founder of the Henan University of Science and Technology Student Forum
  • Astronomy Lecturer - 3 years (Xinxiang Secondary School - Xinxiang, China)
  • Writing poems (modern) - Several publication in magazines and blogs on the Internet


Douai, Paris, Hong-Kong


+33(0)620 097 142