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Fabienne Giezendanner

I am a screenwriter, producer, director of animated films and a specialist in multi-layered writing.

Nain Géant, an animated short I have written and produced has been awarded prizes at major international festivals (Berlin 2014 in particular)

William Schlegel

I am a computer science engineer and multi-entrepreneur

  • conrete equipement
  • ws conseil
  • gamific.tv
  • skrnz
  • stimshop
  • cedre participations

in the field of industry or media, and also business angel investor.

Aurélien Jolly
Chef de projet, Développeur Unity

Game designer, specialized VR and 3D development

Thibault Duval
Développeur Unity

AR and image processing specialist, also VR developer

Fangyuan Zhao
Développeur VR/AR

Multi support developer, in javascript as well as in Unity, 2D or 3D, kinect and other supports

Maxime Karam
Modeleur 3D/animateur

3D modeler and animator


Douai, Paris, Hong-Kong


+33(0)620 097 142